Short Story

Morning Struggles

The screech of the  alarm clock shatters the silence making me aware of a world beyond the darkness.  My body is heavy and resists movement.  My brain struggles to raise an arm to shut the alarm off so it can return to its state of slumber.  A ray of sunshine cuts through the corner of […]


Let me murmur in your ear

Look at the ocean.  I wondered what was in it? How deep could it be? Are there actually secret creatures in the deep waters of this world?  All these random thoughts were floating in my mind. I love to watch the water. The movement of it is somehow enchanting. I walk near the water on […]


The Bridge

The philosopher Kierkegaard once wrote that when you stand on a ledge and look down the feeling of dizziness is not only due to a fear of falling but it is also caused by the fact that you have the freedom to choose to go over the ledge at any time.  And now I am […]