Observations of Time

9 A.M

Tik-tock I stare at the clock After an eternity A minute passes The day has just begun The end seems far away Sitting at my desk Trapped in between four white walls A computer screen blankly looks at me My coffee sits Growing cold I am desperate to survive Till my next  break Tik-tock I […]


6 A.M

A sliver of light sneaks through the curtains Birds begin to sing The morning is tranquil Eyes begin to crack open Ever so slightly The loud buzz of an alarm clock breaks through My body and mind beg Just five more minutes Slowly My eyes begin to open To the hopes of this day Or […]


3 A.M

Laying in bed Staring into darkness Looking at nothing A sliver of light comes through the window The whisper of trees dancing in the wind can be heard Exhaustion weighs heavy on my eyes And yet they will not close They are ever vigilant of the rising sun Fearful of the unknown that the new […]