About Us

Once upon a time, there were two friends. Each of them lived in a different kingdom.  She lived in the kingdom of Dreamland and he was a resident of the Philosophyland. They met because of an issue in Dreamland. He was sent to help by order of the king. After sharing their ideas they discover the magic of words. That they could create new things was what moved them. The decision was made; they wanted to show everyone their stories that inhabit their minds. Hoping to entertain, to make someone laugh, cry, enjoy, fear or all of them all at once. Life is a mix of emotions that need to be expressed. With that said let me introduce to you these friends from two different kingdoms.

Stefanie Martinez

I believe IMAGINATION can take you anywhere. Sometimes life can get gloomy, clumsy, wonderful, phenomenal, unique, or lost. There are so many adjectives you can give it. Maybe all we need is to express the thunder that is inside of us. I love to see the beautiful moments life can give us.  I like to enjoy life and make the small moments unique.  I want to write so I can show you different settings, scenarios, feelings, and to entertain you a little bit. Imagination is my ticket to get away every single time my soul demands free time. #YOLO #imaginationispower


I am indescribable. Sometimes I can’t even understand myself to the point I drive my brain crazy.  I like to think I am the philosopher of my own life.  Since I have simple questions that have no answers. What is the thing I love the most? Maybe the thing I love the most is wisdom.  Philosophy is an important part of my life.  You see my mind just keeps rolling and rolling. Does it stop at some point? My mind is just full of words and letters, moving around. Creating something out of everything in there might help me understand things better.  I will show you some of my questions in the stories I write. Who knows maybe I finally get the wisdom to get the right answer. That is if there is one.