Falling Behind

The day will be bright and sunny but there is something unusual here. I pounder if I am lost on a illusion where I am the only one in it. I will get lost on my own and sometimes that is the scariest.

Nostalgic crashes upon my heart. Feelings that I cannot express neither find a word to describe. I just get to have this intuition of something been fishy. So much is happening on my surroundings but I feel slow to catch at it. Am I the only one cluless?

Time, is stepping on my feet making a remarkable statement. The worst is that I want to run. But, to where should I? My direction is unsure and every step I make feels hollow. I have been trying so hard to make the right chooses but the image that is far away from my nose is completely blurry. Days dissappear on a blinck leaving the heaviness of 100 years on each of them.

Heavy sleep at night. Mind and body tired to death. At night I will not heard a thing. I feel like it was a great sleep but that was a lie too. I actually wake worse than the day before. My body feels like giving up on a weird way. My mind spins for a second and I try so hard to pull myself together.

Looking at the empty sky I discover how long has it been since the stars have disappear. A slight wind keeps whistling secrets that only the universe will understand.

Keeping my ignorance I walk back to my house.I just wish to one day understand the melodies that I haven’t heard between the lines.

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