Just Another Day

At the moment I wake up everything starts. There is no way to run. I only have one way in and one way out.

Work is the first thing I have to confront. Today is the presentation and it will decide my future on the company. Feeling unprepare for anything that may come. Anxiety is at the top everything. Energy starts to move up and down.

My lunch is here and now I have to face all of those humans. I cannot be friendly with people who talk behind my back. You will say I am exaggerating but for real they are talk crap about me. Lies and more lies they are experts on that. I need to eat so in a few seconds I will have to pretend to be comfortable around them.

Finally time to go home and now I have to place my best face. It doesn’t matter how the day was. I need to look happy and do not worry my family with my fears.

Here it comes the night. Time to sleep. I rub my hand on my face. I am suppose to rest and feel fresh by the morning. That will not happen not today and not tomorrow but maybe the day after that. The darkness make me feel unsafe. I get to bed and puff my pillow. Placing my head over it and finally I do not have to fight anymore. I will whisper my fears and I my sadness to her. She will collect the tears and say nothing to me. She will keep my secrets and hold me there. Sweet dreams never happened and another day will come.

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