Anatomical architecture

Visiting a gallery is not my thing but I am glad to be here at this moment. I have been contemplating the way this human body has been show. It is a riddle form head to toes. The male body was been brought to life full of nature.

Let go straight to the skull showing a powerful circuit of electricity. Showing blue light goes outlining the eyes, nose and lips giving the body an identity. It sends you the idea of how important things are on the inside but also how the outside of it is a whole composition.

Moving to the two beautiful trees made on black and white hiding a heart. It contains three divisions a sunny day, the rain during the night and a whirlwind. I wonder now what feelings were on that heart?

One of the upper arms is draw just with the muscles. The other part has the bones. What is concerning is the facture in the Ulna. Even with all the wonder of the human body there is weakness. The other arm has the circulatory system all over it.

Ligaments and tendons are the highlights of the hands.  

You can see thin and thick roots coming from the trees. All of them are mimicking the shape of the intestines. Every function of the body is so natural and everything is a need.

One of the male reproductive organs has been symbolize by a Phallus Impudicus. This is a fungus found on the western parts of North America and Europe. It has been famous by the shape of it.  It is an interesting way to represent the priapic on this paint.

The femur, pallet and tibia and made of steel. The representation of the legs gives me vibes of the heavy duty job they have. These parts of the body make us stand, walk and keeps us moving.

The feet are strong and heavy.  They keep us attach to earth. Made of gold is showing a metaphor of where we belong and where our feet should be.  

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