The 5:35 to Nowhere

I make sure to get on five train cars from the back
It’s far enough in that most people don’t walk that far
Either too lazy to walk or rushing to get on
Guaranteeing that I get a seat all too myself
In the back corner away from the entrance
Next to the window

The usual cast makes it on board
I know most of the faces
But none of the names

Just in front of me across the aisle
A young man dressed to the nines
A dark blue pinstripe suit
Perfectly polished shoes
Not a hair out of place
Phone in his hands
His fingers dancing on the screen

A few seats ahead is a woman
Headset on her ears
Speaking loudly as if she was on her own
Lines on her forehead
Reveal the stress of time

Just next to her across the aisle
Another woman
Computer on her lap
Papers next to her
She hasn’t left work
She has much still to learn

And just ahead is an old man
Lawyer by trade
Disheveled grey hair
His tie to the left
A briefcase is his closest friend
Never leaving his side
A near-empty flask
Has helped him get through the day

The train conductor marches down the aisle
His silver change-maker standing out
Against the dull blue of his worn-out uniform
He trudges along the aisle
Eager to finish his final trip

A young couple stumbles through the doors
Laughing loudly
Catching their breath from all the running
This one train ride is just as exciting for them
As the day they just spent together
Despite their grand entrance
Disrupting the usual scene
No one even blinks
As they take their seats

And then there is me
Looking outside the window
It’s all just a blur
It makes no difference
If I am coming or going
If it’s Monday or Friday
It’s all the same
As I ride on the 5:35 to nowhere

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