Wondering around and looking at every store. I find myself tring to push the time. The last thing I want to do is to get home. I know he will loose his temper. Suddenly I will be mute. Not a single word will come out.

On my way to work I clearly see I do not belong. Just because i am “different”. I am unable to speak up. I am useless when it comes to defend myself. so, no, I change my outfit and hide it on the closet.

Rambling I still manage to fool everyone at home. I have been bullied the whole year but no one has know this. The same way other keep silence. It has been hard but more hard than anything is keeping the happy face.

Do you believe that everyone says how they feel? Well, there is some who will tell the true. Here I am the one who will keep everything in the shadows. I can contain madness, anger and even happiness and never show it to the world. I also know will take only four letters to find a different path. I forget the word everytime I need it. Help.

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