Fashion show

First day of the week and the longest day of all. I will need some comfy clothes. An old cartoon t-shirt, denim shorts with a bow on the waist, and tennis shoes. My hairs goes on two buns. My make up is simple but with a red lips tick looks way much better. I take my bus and the woman in front of me keeps staring at me.

My outfit for Tuesdays has to be more sophisticated. I have this meetings and I need to look more put together. I know the eyes are always on me. Honestly I don’t know if is in a good way or not. A jumpsuit will do the trick. I should wear the black one because it looks more metting style. Come on! I cannot hide the beautiful green one. I pair it with white pumps and a floral print purse. This time I leave my hair strait. My eyes sparkle on the gold shimmer. Long eyelashes and a smooth pink is what you see when I talk.

Half way through my work week. The easiest day off all. Usually I attend to a picnic after work. My taste for that day runs towards a maxi dress. Blue and white polka dots. Blue sandals, a floppy hat and a tote purse. This time I am a little bit less scandalous to the eyes. Any way they keep looking at my silver and lavander hair.

Thursday I have heavy organization work. My denim overal will do the hard work. Time to wear my chunky sneakers and a side crossbody purse. Two side braids and I cannot forget my orange lip gloss.

Friday is here and my two piece set is ready to be show off. Vertical tones of orange lines makes my skin glow. A v neck and pussy sleeves makes my top look gorgeous. A- line skirt is a little bit more revealing of what I tought but is not unwearable. Looks decent I am just not used to it. High heels to look more tall and a high pony will be the confidence of the last day of work.

On my weekends I think less hard and wear what ever I want. Neons, feathers, leather, unique prints and a lot more. I don’t need to been seen by people at work I am free to wear whatever I want. I am use to walk and hear mix comments about my clothes. Some pieces are not conventional and I end been call eccentric. My hair is not normal to many people and for that I have been call rebel, weir, crazy or dramatic. People think I just want to have the attention on me. I like to play with clothes and that is who I am. I like the way I dress I never said I like the way people stare at me.

I have learn to do what it makes me happy. So, I also learn to walk on serpent print dress, black sneakers and space buns to my Sunday movie night.

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