An Evening Spring Storm

The air is thick
A heavy silence
A deep darkness
The full moon is hidden behind blankets of clouds

In the distance
A small light
From the second floor of a house
Belonging to a man
Who has drowned in his work

Infinite nothingness

Off in the distance
A flash

A jagged line of light
Parts the sky
Revealing the soft fluffy edges
Of pillowy clouds
And the outline of branches
That still haven’t found their leaves
And the small triangle roof of a house
Belonging to the man
Who has drowned in his work

The silence is ripped in half
By a loud crack
Followed by a roar
That slowly fades
Into the night

The darkness and silence return
But only for a moment
Before the sky erupts
Full of jagged lines
That shatters the sky
And more cracks and roars
That scare the night away

How lucky am I
If this is how the world ends

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