The Waves

Some people are afraid of you. They don’t know how to handle you. Admire by your beauty. For me you are my way to escape.

I like to hide on salty water. Running away from the city I choose you. I have to stop the noise, the yelling, criticism and the changing. I got tired, exhausted of that place. My surroundings were overwhelming.

I came here to wash the sadness of yesterday. I want to dive into these vast waters and let the waves carry away my bawl. Swimming without any rules and no direction I am drowning my feelings. There is nothing to hear and no one to listen. I am dancing on my own following the flow. I have nothing else on my mind and my heart.

I reach a time where there are no more tears on my eyes. I look around memorizing this moment and the way it feels. I am in love with the strength of it. This waters are the peace my mind longs for. All this is what had made me feel safe on the hardest days. The ocean has been rescuing me for such a long time. The waves have been the place I hide when I feel weak.

On the shore my footprints are marked as I walk. They look deep and beautiful leaving a story to tell. Same does the scars in my skin, mind and soul. I felt reborn and light. The only things I keep with me are the memories of my favorite place. I keep the vivid image on those waters nothing else.

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