My own rain

I left the window of my car open.Running the most that I can I step inside my car. It was a nice warm day but the cold drops of water made my body chill. The contact of the rain with my bear skin on my shoulders made me feel awake. It bring me back to this world. I was lost on an abyss.

In matter of minutes everything calm down. Everyone walks slowly now. It seem like nothing happened. If it wasn’t for the water on the grounds no one would knew what happened minutes ago. I wait on my car to process all my internal conflicts. It felt good see the rain. I wish life could be like the rain, easy to erase , of this day.

I keep looking at the ground. I stare at it for a long time. The water didn’t last to long there. it became to evaporate. There was no evidence of it anymore. I realize how easy was to forget. Suddenly, it never happened, it never existed. Life is like the rain.