Been on a sick relationship is living the same day over and over again. Is tiring, consuming and becomes intolerant.

I have hear a lot about this kind of relationships where is unhealthy on the way people play with your head.

Mine is like a poker game. He has his turn and so do I. We both have a game and we both like to play. Most important we like to win.

How to end a relationships were he place rules and I disagree to them. Instead of saying it out loud I take those rules and make them the same for him.

I try to leave a lot of times and he asks for me to stay. He kicks me out a bunch of times but I never leave.

Everyday we fight, we yell, I cry. He has never lay a hand on me but those words cut my skin and all I want is for him to feel the same.

Until this day I am still there and I hope to find a way out of it. We need to stop and one of us has to take the decision. Before the damage is too deep and we loose ourselfs completely.

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