Instructions on Admiring a Work of Art

One must have a clear canvas
Free of distractions and preconceived ideas
Trust that the author will guide you
The title a hint of what is to come
Ready, set, and go
It takes a few words perhaps a few lines to settle in
A pause to let the mind catch up
Slowly the author takes hold of the mind’s brush
Beginning in a corner and slowly filling in the canvas
Each word perfectly placed
Connecting with the next
Combining to make elegant details
Elegant details build into wondrous settings
Suddenly the words spill beyond the mind
Seeping into the bloodstream reaching the heart
And shortly thereafter they spill over
Into tears or burst of laughter
Reaching out into past memories or future dreams
The entire body quivers ever so slightly
A small chill
A deep breath
A step back
A finished work of art

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