Christmas Eve from Various Perspectives

A family gathers together at the dinner table
Mother rushing in the kitchen
Children shaking their presents
As the rest of the company moseys on to the table

A pregnant woman and her husband
Wandering around the dessert
Desperately looking for shelter and comfort

A man and his reindeer with a sleigh full of gifts
Make their way through a storm
Led by the reindeer with the bright red nose

A drunk kicked out from his favorite bar
Stumbles into his chair
As his television plays reruns of It’s a Wonderful Life

A priest stands at the altar
As the church choir sings
Songs of a baby king

A group of soldiers gathers in the middle of no man’s land
Singing Christmas carols and exchanging gifts
Enjoying a moment of peace

A small child wrestling to keep his eyes open
After laying a trap of milk and cookies
In the hopes of catching a glimpse of jolly old St. Nick





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