Christmas Time

5 days away for Christmas

No tree

There is no gifts

I am sitting on my bed thinking of were my spirit went

I see a light on the candle burning next to me

Soon it will be gone

Everything is so nostalgic

Darkness takes over my soul

The feeling of emptiness

I am tired of my wet eyes

Dealing with myself has become my biggest issue

I need a break

I clean my place

I brought new lights

I got a tree

I got the gifts

I still felt wrong

Christmas is not what I think it was

I never knew

One day till Christmas is now

My mood is out

The smell of food is so familiar

The place is warm

One hug and a little present under the tree

Is a picture of the best memories of my life

Suddenly I understand

This Christmas was not the most bright but in found my light and part of myself in it.

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