Let me murmur in your ear

Look at the ocean.  I wondered what was in it? How deep could it be? Are there actually secret creatures in the deep waters of this world?  All these random thoughts were floating in my mind. I love to watch the water. The movement of it is somehow enchanting. I walk near the water on a bright and sunny day.  It was the perfect day by the ocean. I choose an orange dress for that day. It is my favorite color. On my walk, I saw a bunch of people swimming but one person caught my attention.  He was like a magnet the moment I saw him I started to walk towards him. Soon the water stated to cover all of my body. Then, I was swimming. I moved as fast as I could searching for him. My eyes started to burn but that did not stop me. There was a whole parade of animals around me. The fishes were so close to me. I saw a dumbo octopus, a red-lipped batfish and other strange animals I thought I would only see in my National Geographic magazines.

The waters turned darker and darker. My breath became heavier. Desperation started to run through my body. I keep sinking into the darkness of the ocean and trepidation exploded. Suddenly I came returned to being a normal human being who is not able to breathe underwater. How was I still alive? For seconds I could think clearly then I got lost by the flow of water and I felt the heaviness of the water. Then my body gave up. I felt the water filling my lungs. I registered that this was going to be my end. I was so sure about my last seconds.

I was looking at my body. It was petrified. My eyes were hollow. They were focused on something behind me. I couldn’t do anything else than stare at my self-floating, traveling to the surface. Someone was staring at me I could feel the eyes on me. Turning around I saw a new world with the most indescribable features. Most of them were a combination of human and sea animals. They were all scary and impressive. They all were welcoming me to this new place. Sadly I did not know yet that I was never been able to leave.

Now I have no other option than to be a part of it.  I discover mermaids exist because I am one of them.  We inhabit the deepest and darkest waters of the world together with other exotic creatures.  I swim all around the world enjoying being able to murmur to your ear. You will be able to see me, hear me, touch me but I can never follow you out of the water.

If you want to look for me just follow the dolphins usually I race with them. I will be the mermaid with an orange tail changing color like a sunset does. Beware we are death. You should be scared since death is full of tricks and you could be next. The ocean can contain more death than what you expect.


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