Please Stop!

In just one moment in my life, everything went downhill. How can a few words invade your brain? How can they drain the energy out of your soul? Have you had a moment when you want to know “why you?” Some people are out there wasting their life, time, and energy on shitty stuff. Why does all this bad stuff happen to me? Before you start telling me that everyone has problems, bad days and bla, bla,bla I know I am not the only one and that everyone suffers. Today I feel it’s just me. Everything in my life has been stolen because I never agreed to give it up. I am mad at life. I am tired of fighting. I am not sure I can stand up again. My heart hurts and now my mind is surrounded with awful thoughts. Perplexity makes me nauseated. I feel anxiety running down my spine. This is where I know I am losing my shit. Nothing is under control and I feel a thousand needles and I want them out of my body. I want the pain to cease. I wish to become a kid again. I wish for happiness. Unable to stop the sobbing I sit on my bed cleaning my tears. Wanting to keep what I have and the people I have is all that crosses my mind. I am so bad at letting things go but why do I need to? What could I exchange to keep what I want? The sharp pain in my chest keeps biting me up. Please stop!

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