Two Minutes Before the End of the World

No use in panicking now
It’s too late for that now
The pain doesn’t matter
It will be over soon

The future slowly begins to fade away
The past begins to flood in
All that’s left is memories

Of going to the playground and feeling the rush of going down the slide
Of scraped knees from falling on the hot sidewalk
Of the nervousness and excitement of the first day at a new job.
Of small moments of infinity on the beach with the cool water running over your feet and a hot sun that burns your cheeks red
Of putting too many hours at work and forgetting what it was to live life
Of regrets of sacrificed dreams for which it is too late now
Of words you thought about saying but never did

As the future grows darker so does the past
All that remains is the image of her face
And then all at once, everything is gone

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