June 25th-MMP

Have you ever felt destroyed?
How a simple day in the calendar can make you feel in agony again
Looking at the people pass by I wonder if they are truly happy
Sitting on my own
Playing with my Chinese food
My fork moves on circular motions
I see all these people around me and is incredible to think how each of them has a different life
I want to know why my life is the way it is
I want to know when my heart will stop crying
When pain will no longer exist
I feel a tear going down my face
I look down at my plate and see his face again
I see the past
The memories fill me with the happiness I used to know
I look at my surroundings again
I feel lonely and stupid for being so melancholy
I think about my future and I hope to feel better than today
Because some days you just feel everything is going down
I move my leg and it touches the side of the metallic chair
That cold of the metal is against my bare skin
That coldness wakes me up
I stand up, throw away the food and start walking toward the exit
I remember now that smile and makes me smile
Now I am just a girl with a cherry dress and a wide smile


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