Looking at your smile
I can tell how happy you used to be
There was light in your eyes
I could see the passion you had
I could be amazed by you
Everything was perfect for you
You were surprised by what a picture said

Looking at your smile
I can see it’s completely fake
I can tell  you don’t really smile anymore
There is darkness and heaviness in your eyes
I can see how exhausted you are just from breathing
I have pity of you
Everything is meaningless to you
You have lost
You are surprised by what the mirror says

Looking at your smile
I can tell how you will learn to breath and keep moving
There will be experience from the pain but also illusion in your eyes
I will see you grow up
I will be amazed again
You will become yourself again
Nothing will be able to be perfect anymore
Now you will have to hope that it will be close to perfect
You will be surprised by what a dream can whisper in your ear.

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