Looking at the past years I feel useless
I asked myself what I was doing
I got so tired of seeing and living the same stuff over and over
I found a new way to live

But once again my plans are down
I am not sure what to do
I can’t see myself in anything specific
I feel stuck
I am lost
I do nothing to change it
Now I do not even have a clear picture of my destination

Life is like a puzzle again
It’s not hard to put the puzzle together
What is hard is finding the tiny pieces you do not have
Unfortunately, it feels like a 1000 piece puzzle
Sometimes you complete the beautiful image that was your goal
Sometimes you end up not finding a way to finish

I am afraid of having an incomplete puzzle
Worse, I am scared to end up with an old, incomplete puzzle
But what terrifies me the most is to mess up the puzzle in a way where I lose the pieces
What? How? Where? When? Why?
Those words inhabit my mind and I can’t quite understand the path of my life
I can’t see my future

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