Watching a movie
I have no idea what it’s about
People are talking to me
I am lost in my own world
Driving without knowing how you got there
At the register of the grocery store you pay,
She tells you how much it is
You still don’t know how much you owe
In the shower the only sound is the water
Making dinner when the smell of the burning food is what wakes you up
In silence, I process my thoughts
It is being alive but not living
Losing moments
Living in a world that is so empty
In a world where every one looks for something that makes sense
Indecision is my worst enemy
Maybe something will occur
Maybe something already happened
Meanwhile you are just in between moments
The world keeps moving
You are still stuck between what if or why did I
Moments fill out the silence
No words come out
There are a million reasons why
There is no explanation
Just tons of frustration
Loosing myself in nonsense
All I want is to find my way out
While I try my life has left me behind
Still I look for a future
Forgetting to live in the present
I hate the present
I love the past
And I want to assure my future
What a stupid thing
I live for the future when I have no idea if there is a tomorrow
How irresponsible it is to live without a plan
Simple and complex thoughts inhabit my mind
They are the ones to blame
My life is full of silent moments
My life is full of thoughts
I am waiting for the answer

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