Loving You

man in black long sleeved shirt and woman in black dress

How do you know if what you felt was love?
Such a strong word
And yet it can be so dark
The meaning and impact can be opposites
Some feel an infinitive happiness
Others get to know to fear it
Which person in your life will conquer your heart?
One moment you cross the street and they will be there
Like nothing love has found you
Day after day
Sitting at the dinner table you realize that they were all you were looking for
After so much time looking for it and you found love
There are those who stand in limbo or with zero interest in discovering it
Those who have seen it, felt it, and let it walk away
Where would that person be?
Sometimes you play hide and go seek without knowing
Let’s say you could have it
What could end that feeling?
Time,unhappiness,violence, betrayal, a routine life
When do you know you need to stop loving someone?
Toxic, depression, one-way love…
It’s so hard to love
It’s so easy to love
You can be on the top of the mountain shooting loud I LOVE YOU!
You can be crying your eyes out on top of that same mountain
Have you met that person yet?

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