Thoughts on New Year’s Eve


How is it that in one year so much has changed and yet how are things the same?

Exactly one year ago I was sitting right here watching the ball drop in New York on tv waiting for the year to begin.  And here I am again today.

How is it that after all that has happened this year I  can still find myself in the same place?  How can so much have changed and yet still be the same?

It happened suddenly.  I had not expected it.  To meet someone so different and interesting compared to everyone else; a real human being. And who could imagine that despite the short time in which we met would have such an impact?  In such short time how could so much have changed.

I sit here in the same spot as last year doing the same thing and yet things are not the same.  So much has changed.  So many new memories and so many new lessons.

After this year thanks to you things will not be the same.

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