A Christmas Vacation Part 3

“What time it is? Did I oversleep?” Fernanda keeps looking around for a clock. She found her phone and see is just 6:17 am. After almost having a heart attack she gets ready to have a beautiful day. “Eliot we need to have breakfast.” She text him just to make sure he is awake.
Eliot heard a loud knock on his door and and hears his phone ring. He roles around his bed and finally opens his eyes and looks at his phone. It’s 7 am and Fer is calling. Usually he’s the one that wakes up first but the past few days had started to catch up to him. They had been through the whole city. They had gone on boat tours, visited Christmas markets, tried a bunch of different food, and they had stayed up late every day. They had never gone to bed before midnight. He was starting to run low on energy but this was the last day and he had to make it worth it. He texted Fer back, “5 minutes” which actually meant 15 to 20 minutes. A quick jump in the shower and a change of clothes and he was set to go. He steps out of his room and Fer is waiting there giving him a death stare.
“Come on Eliot you know I need my coffee otherwise I get grumpy.” Fernanda says walking fast.
Once they get to the restaurant is time to decide what they should do today. “I want to get more shopping done. I want a more relaxing day. We have been running around this past days. I want to get everything ready since we are leaving today in the night. What do you think?” She keeps talking meanwhile Eliot couldn’t take his eyes off his phone.
Eliot finally looked up. “More shopping? You call that relaxing? How are you even going to fit everything? I thought a more relaxing day would be checking out some museums and art galleries and getting some culture. There’s no stress whatsoever in doing that. And we can visit some more cafes and restaurants. Don’t you think that sounds like a better plan?” he asked.
“Eliot no offence but I do not want to spend my last day on a museum. We are miles away from home and I want to do something that makes me happy. I think we should go different ways today. A little personal time will be great for both of us. We have been only been talking to each other for a week. I know you want to visit that museum.” Fernanda says trying to not say it on a wrong way.
“But it’s our last day here. How can we split up on the last day?”, Eliot says with his sad puppy dog eyes. “But if I have to carry your shopping bags for one more day my arms will probably fall off. I guess we should go our separate ways. But here is the plan we each do what we want but we have to meet back here at 6 o’clock so we can catch some of the Christmas shows around here and enjoy our last dinner here. What do you think?” Eliot ask.
“Sounds like a plan.” Fernanda agrees with a huge smile on her face. “Okey so I have to go. I have a full list of places I need to shop at. See you later Eliot.” She stands up and walks out of the place.
Eliot could almost feel his blood pressure drop as Fer left. She was his best friend but her energy could be a little much. He relaxed for a little bit at the table as he planned out his day. It was 8:15 am. He had plenty of time. All the places were within walking distance which would give him a chance to take in the city one more time. He got up from his table with a plan in his mind and set out.
Eliot made his way to the National Gallery of Denmark. He loved getting lost in artwork. He would look at paintings and make up stories of the people in the paintings or try to make some sense of what artist were trying to express with the more abstract stuff. And he also secretly liked to plan in his head how he would be able to steal a painting. With all these thoughts in his head he spent hours there. He particularly liked the works of Henri Matisse the museum had.
Eventually hunger got the best of him. It was 4 pm which gave him enough time to get some coffee and a small bite to eat. He wandered around a bit and found a cafe he could sit down in. He ordered a regular coffee and a Danish just so he could say he had a Danish in Denmark.
He was at a table sipping on his warm beverage when a blonde woman around his age just takes a seat at his table. While he was a little shocked by her sudden appearance he didn’t mind chatting up a pretty girl. “You speak English?” Eliot asked. She shook her head no. He kept sipping on his coffee waiting for her to say something. She just stared at him. “Spanish? French?”, he asked since that was the only languages he spoke. She finally said something in Danish which he couldn’t understand. He finished his coffee and decided to start heading back.
She got up with him and walked next to him. What was at first charming was starting to get creepy. Eliot began heading to his hotel but was suspicious of this woman that wouldn’t leave him alone. He decided to take some different turns in hopes that he could lose her but she kept up and tagged along. Eliot finally took out his phone and texted Fer “SOS! SOS! SOS!” and anxiously waited for a response.
Fernanda got a text message and she was happy that was Eliot. She read the message and feel more worry of what she was. “What is wrong?” she text back.
“Can’t talk. Crazy girl won’t stop following me. Need help! NOW!!!” he text back quickly wondering if he was the one who might get kidnapped now.
“Well, She choose the worst time because I am lost. I didn’t want to tell you. I have been lost in this city for two hours now.” Fernanda text back remembering how she got into all this.
Fernanda started shopping at ArtFusion and moving fast from store to store. She got hungry and visit a place to eat. From there all she knows is that she keep walking until she didn’t recognize anything. The public transportation sound like a good plan to move to a more public eye place but she end up more lost. She try to take a cab so she could get back but she couldn’t find one. The situation got out of control but she didn’t want to tell Eliot she was lost. The worst of all is that she has 15% of battery and using her phone to get back was now a lost possibility since her only hope was being creep out by a woman. Fernanda try to relax and think clearly what she could do. Her mind went back to Eliot. She was lost but he was in danger. “Eliot find a mall, that way you can get lost between the people.” She place down the six shopping bags she had in her hands and text him.
“JESUS CHRIST!” Eliot text back. He tried finding a place with a lot of people to lose her but now she was just holding on to his arm and staring at him with a creepy smile. With his free hand he text Fer back “share your location on Snapchat!”.
Fernanda knew he was now more worry for her than him. She didn’t want to tell him that doing that was gonna end the life of her battery, also he has to escape from whatever was going on. “Eliot do not worry. Just make sure to get out of her sight. Get rid of her and then go to the hotel and please get my luggage and yours. We cannot miss the fight! Do not get in to the bathroom of close places. Meet you at the airport at 8:00pm. My luggage is all pack you just need to grab it and go. Do you understand? I will try to find my way back.” She text him back looking around to find a place to buy a charger.
“Damn it Fer! Just find a corner and share your location and don’t move. You get lost on the way to the bathroom. I have a plan.” Eliot text back furiously knowing that Fer was too stubborn to ask for help.
“Idiot I do not get lost on the way to the bathroom. I am telling you to not go to the bathroom or in places where there is only on way to get out. She could kill you.” She press send and then her phone turn off.
Fernanda grab her bags and started to look for a charger. She knew she could visit a coffee shop and charge her phone there. It was 6:18 now and they need it to be on time for the fight. On her search for a charger she found a place with suitcases. She will need one for all the shopping and it will make faster to move around. After walking for 30 minutes she found a store with what she needs. Feeling relieved she sits down and turns on her phone. She looks at the clock and sees 7:01 pm. “Eliot how are you doing? A guy here called a cab for me and he wrote down the address of the airport. I should be getting there in 45 min. My phone run out of battery that is why I couldn’t text you before. Please tell me you are okey.” Fernanda hit send feeling anxious to know what happened.
“FER!!! GO TO THE HOTEL! MEET ME OUTSIDE! SOS!” he texted back. That girl was a parasite and wouldn’t let go but Eliot had an idea but he needed Fer.
“Ok, as soon as the taxi gets here I will tell him to drive there.” She text.
Eliot paced back and forth in front of the hotel desperately waiting. How had no one noticed the look on his face. This is what he gets for talking to a pretty girl in a foreign country. He should of learned his lesson from the last incident that happened. Finally he noticed a taxi pull up to the hotel. It was Fer. He rushed over. Lucky for him she always wore rings. He grabbed her hand and pointed at one of the rings. The girl’s smile quickly went away and her face turned red with anger and she let go. She pulled her arm back and smacked Eliot across the face so hard that everyone around heard it. Then she turned to Fer and smacked her to. She stomped away. “Thanks for the save Fer” Eliot says as he rubs his face which still stings from the slap.
“Wtf. Eliot, on what did you got into? That bitch just did that and you are here standing like an idiot?” Fernanda was so mad. She had so much anger on her soul that she grab the coffee on her hand and run behind the girl. She got near her and throw the cup on her back.(The coffee cold by the way) Fernanda start laughing and yelling, “RUNNNNNNN.” Fernanda run inside the same cab she came in.
Eliot ran into the hotel. He could feel everyone just look at him after that incident outside. He rushed to the room and grabbed the suitcases. He had to make two trips since Fer’s suitcase now weighed a ton. He almost broke his back lifting it. He turned in the room keys and went outside. Luckily the cab driver helped with the bags. He got in the cab and sighed with relief. “Sorry again about that” Eliot apologized.
“Well we both know you get follow by mentally unstable people.” Fernanda says with a huge smile.
“Yeah that’s why I am friends with you” Eliot answered hiding his face so he wouldn’t get slapped for the second time today.
“Pinky behave. I am happy we are going home. This was great but I miss home.” Fernanda says putting her hair up on a messy bun and eating a chocolate she bought earlier. “Pinky guess what? I am hungry and sleepy.”
Eliot yawned. “And are you cold too?” he asked.
“Yes!” They both relax and enjoy the ride to airport. Well Fernanda did. Eliot was car sick again. When they arrive to the airport they see a mass of people. Then turn to see each other knowing they will have to deal with a crazy trip. “Are you pondering what I’m pondering Pinky.?” Eliot just laughs and steps inside the airport to get back home.
Ps: Merry Christmas to everyone. Enjoy and always be Jolly.

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