A Christmas Vacation Part 2


They finally heard the intercom with the news that they were finally gonna touch the earth. Time to enjoy life in a Christmassy city.
“Eliot we are finally there. Wake up Eliot!“ Fernanda says moving Eliot’s body.
“Oh my God! Are we crashing? What’s happening?” Eliot said confused as he woke up.
“No! It’s nothing like that. We are almost landing.” Fernanda explains laughing at him.
“But we just got on the plane” Eliot answers. He looks out the window and sees the ground quickly approaching. It is a smooth landing. The plane makes it to the gate and everyone slowly gets off the plane. As they step into the airport Eliot looks at the signs. “Did you study Danish during the flight?” he ask Fer.
“No. You are good at speaking other languages. It never crossed my mind that they speak another language.” She looks at him. Fernanda was surprised and a little scared.
“Well I read through a book with phrases but I am no expert. But don’t worry I have an idea.” Eliot answers. He goes up to an airport worker and tries to speak Danish. Luckily the airport attendant knows English and points out that the airport has signs in English. “Our luggage is down stairs. We should of gone to Paris. At least I actually know French.” Eliot complains.
“You are no fun.” Fernanda says walking in the direction the signs says. She was tired and hungry. The flight was smooth but she hates heights and loves food.
They made it to where the luggage was. They grabbed there suitcases and made there way to get a taxi. They got in line and waited till there turn came up. It was a grey Mercedes. Eliot and Fer put there luggage in the back and got in. The taxi driver said something they didn’t understand. “English?” Eliot asked the taxi driver. The driver responded with more gibberish. “Fer do you have the name and address of the hotel? Just show him the paper.” Eliot said.
“Yes Sir. I have the place written down but no the address.” Fernanda takes out a little sticky pink note. “71 Nyhavn Hotel.” She points to the sticky note. The driver nobs and gives them a thumbs up. They look at each other and smile.They were finally there and the place was beautiful.
As the taxi drove, Fer was enjoying looking at the city. Eliot’s face looked green and he held his stomach. “Are we there yet? I think I am going to vomit.” Eliot said with a pained look on his face. Luckily before he got anymore car sick the taxi stopped and the driver gave them a look. They were finally at the hotel. He took a minute to recover and stepped out of the taxi. “Wow. Can you believe it? We made it.” he tells Fernanda.
“Eliot I can’t understand what he is saying. How much I am supposed to pay him?” Fernanda ask him.
“Just give him money until he shuts up.” Eliot answered as he tried to ignore the issue and take in the view.

“Well if I do that he can steal all the money I have Eliot.” Fernanda was annoyed since she hated this kind of situation. Fernanda looked around and saw a lady standing near her. “Excuse me. Do you speak English?” The lady just walked away. Fernanda was so annoyed. Luckily a girl almost her same age started to walk towards her. “Hello! Are you having any trouble?” The girl ask her. “I just need to understand him. How much do I need to pay him.” Fernanda says. Once the girl helps her out and tells her about a great place to have some coffee and places to do some shopping she leaves Fernanda standing there. That is when she looks at the view. Fernanda was lost in the colors and sounds of the city. She looks around to find Eliot taking pictures of the harbor.
“This place is amazing and we barely got here. Let’s check in to our room drop off our bags and go exploring.” Eliot says with the excitement of a little kid. They go inside and get there keys to there rooms. Luckily the people at the hotel speak English and there is someone always at the front desk. There rooms are right next to each other on the top floor. They step inside. Eliot just drops off his bags and is ready to leave. “Come on Fer. Time is short and we got a lot to do. Hurry up!” Eliot yells.
“Eliot I am super tired. I couldn’t sleep on the plain. I need to sleep just give me a 30 minute nap. Go and take a shower and change clothes. I will take 30 minute nap while you do that. Please?” Fernanda was really hoping to hear a yes.
“Nope” Eliot responded. He grabbed Fernanda by the arm and dragged her to the elevator. “We’ll just find some coffee place and food and you will be all better” Eliot assures her. As they step outside they see the river and all the colorful buildings. “Ok. Which way do we go first?” Eliot ask.
“You don’t even know where to go. Jesus! I could be taking a nap. Anyway we need to take a cab and visit a coffee place someone told me. It’s called the Next Door Café. It’s suppose to be a good place.” Fernanda rubs her hands one against the other. It was cold outside but the view of the harbor was worth the freezing cold she felt on her body. “Eliot what else would you like to do today?” she asks.
“I just looked at my phone. That place is 24 minutes walking. I want to explore and the best way is by walking. Plus the chilly air will wake you up and you’ll save money for shopping. We can see all the cool things along the way and maybe check out some parks. Now follow me we are going this way!” Eliot exclaimed pointing down a street.
“Fine, just because I really need to do some shopping. I only have one change and that is for tomorrow.” She started to walk next to Eliot. “ I am freezing Eliot! We are using public transportation on the way back.”
“If you can figure out how to take public transportation then fine” Eliot answered annoyed. As they walked down the streets they noticed all the lights and decorations. The city really was a Christmas wonderland. The buildings and colors added to the magic. Eliot snapped pictures along the way as Fer tried to hurry him up as she was desperate for coffee.
“It’s here Eliot. Come on. OMG! This place looks amazing. What do you want to order? “ Fernanda says not knowing she was talking to herself. Eliot was taking pictures of the place.
“Fer! Where the hell are you?” ,Eliot yelled looking around for Fer while looking like a dumb lost tourist.
“Eliot I am here. Since I was in line by myself I ordered your coffee and mine. I got a double espresso for both of us. The guy in the counter was so nice and he speaks English. He explained to me how to use the public transportation and talked about a card we could use on the whole trip. The card lets you get in places and transportation for free. So we will get it once we get to the hotel. Let’s sit here Eliot.” Fernanda pointed to an empty table. She started to look around and understand why Eliot was taking pictures. It was a unique place. The decor of the place made you feel at home. You could feel relaxed in there while you enjoyed a cup of delicious coffee.
“You can’t be running off like that! You barely know the language and we don’t even know our way around. What if you get kidnapped and taken away and sold as a prostitute? Your mom would kill me. Are you spacing out again?” Then there was something that surprised them. Under the glass plates on the tables, there are greetings, notes, drawings and pictures tucked in there by gratified guests. That was so unique. “This place is amazing.” Eliot said as he began to notice why Fer had spaced out.
They spent some time, like two hours, in the coffee shop enjoying the place. Also, Fernanda was super busy taking good pics for Instagram. Eliot was the photographer and Fernanda the model. Eliot hated to be in the picture and Fernanda love to be in them, so it had to be that way. “Eliot we should get going. I read online about the place at the hotel we are at. During the night time there is a christmasy view.” Fernanda says with a much better temper than before.
“Thank goodness you got your coffee. You finally relaxed and started enjoying the city. We got Instagram material to last us for months and we have only been here a few hours. Let’s head back then. But we are walking back. No public transportation until tomorrow. We need to get to know the city and enjoy the view.” Eliot said as he continued to look around in amazement. As they walked back they continued to take pictures and take everything in. Copenhagen really was a winter wonderland.
“It’s starting to look like Christmassssssss” Fernanda was singing Christmas songs all along the way. When they arrived near there hotel she just shut up. “JESUS! Look at the lights, the tables and everything Eliot.” She says grabbing Eliot’s arm moving it from one side to the other.
Usually Eliot could be grumpy but much like the Grinch the holidays made his heart grow three sizes and he was able to appreciate the scene and Fer’s energy. He looked around and just took everything in. “This was a great idea I had wasn’t it?” he asked Fer.
“YES! I just need to bring my parents next year. They need to see this.” Fernanda looked around and saw how happy people were. Despite the freezing cold everyone looked happy. Even Eliot had a spark in his eyes. “Eliot you look different. I think this place will have a special place in your heart. Am I right?” Fernanda asks.
Eliot simply nodded his head in agreement. This was just the first day and with almost no energy it had already been a great experience. If this was any indication of how things were going to go then this was going to be a once in a lifetime trip. They made there way up to there rooms. “Ok Fer. Go straight to bed and set your alarm. We got to be ready bright and early tomorrow. There is a lot to do and not a lot of time.” Eliot said.
“Yes Sir. I am going follow you orders.” They got to the doors of there rooms and said goodnight when Fernanda had an idea of what she wants for Christmas. “Eliot wait. I know what I want for Christmas. I want to have a photo album of this trip and that means you have to be in the pictures.” She said smiling at him with that kind of a bitchy smile that says I am getting what I want while I make you suffer.
“Of course” Eliot replied with a fake smile on his face. He figured he could find a way out of it although he usually never did. “Now go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day of adventures”. Eliot closed the door fell on the bed still unable to believe that he was in Copenhagen. And within seconds he fell asleep.

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