A Christmas Vacation Part 1

white british airways taking off the runway
This is not just a story. It is a journey where two weird and unique friends who went on an adventure.
“Eliot pick up the phone! This is a SOS situation.” she types as fast as she can.
“It’s 3 in the morning what can possibly be an SOS at this hour” he thinks to himself as he tries to open his eyes. “What’s up?” he text back.
“I have an idea. Do you want to travel during Christmas?” she writes and starts jumping on the bed and soon she hits send.
“YOU CANNOT TEXT SOS FOR THIS!!! I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK!!!” He replies as he falls back into bed both relieved that nothing serious happened and angry because of the false alarm. “What are you talking about? Who wouldn’t want to travel” he follows up.
“FIRST I CAN USE IT. This is a major decision. I want to travel to Europe this Christmas and you get to choose the city. I want a different Christmas this year.” She hits send and also send a screenshot of the sale on 10% off tickets to Europe.
“You do realize there is 2 weeks left for Christmas. There is no time to plan anything and what is your family going to say?” he responds while wondering how she gets these ideas at this hour.
“I know what day it is and I will say nothing until the day I get the tickets. That way my mom will not be able to stop this crazy idea. She knows I do not like to spend it on my uncle’s house. You do not need to worry about my mom. Worry about yours.” she texts.
“Fine. I’m in. How about Paris?” he text back. “I can’t believe I am going along with this” he thinks to himself.
“That is too cliché. Don’t you have something better?” She types super fast.
“This isn’t fair! I always get stuck with the hard work! Let me think.” he complains.
“Stop being a baby and think fast. I want to get our destination tonight.NOT TOMORROW!” She text back rolling her eyes as she writes the text.
“London, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Moscow…” he texted a long list of random cities hoping it would keep her busy for awhile.
“Cliché, not interested, maybe, nope, nope, I already traveled to Barcelona, you visited Moscow last summer.” She wrote back in matter of seconds.
Annoyed that she was able to respond so quickly he answers “Vienna or Copenhagen? Pick one.”
“OMG! I looked at the cities on Google. COPENHAGEN for sure. It’s the perfect city for a Christmas trip.” She takes a happy selfie and writes in the image.
“Great! We will finish planning later. It’s 3:30 and I have to work tomorrow and you need your beauty sleep” he texts back knowing that once the wheels start spinning in her head they don’t stop.
“Okey. Goodnight!” She text back. After that she hurries and looks up flights. Once she finds the hour for the flight she likes, she does the damage. She takes a screenshot and sends it to Eliot. “Merry Christmas Pinky!!! I am so sleepy now and hungry and maybe a little cold.” she falls to sleep immediately after sending that.
The next morning he wakes up and sees a text message on his phone. “Uggg. I hate when she calls me Pinky. If anything I am Brain. I am the genius after all.” He waits to see if she will remember what they talked about or if it was just some crazy idea passing through her head in the middle of the night. And as if on schedule he gets a text.
“Oh boy! I saw my bank account today and realized how crazy I went last night. I AM SO HAPPY WE ARE GOING TO COPENHAGEN. Remember we are leaving at 10 am on December 19 and we are coming back on the 26th.” she texted him meanwhile she was on the her way to work.
“Did you buy tickets??? ARE YOU INSANE???” he text back in a panic. This was real now and there was no going back. On the other hand a trip wasn’t such a bad idea. He didn’t need an answer to know that she had actually bought the tickets so he might as well go along with it. “Did you find a place to stay?” he texted back after he had settled down a little.
“ No. we need to find one.” she text back.
“I’ll see what I can find,” he answers. Eliot jumps online and starts looking. He should be working but this takes priority over work. Plus its not like there is anything to do. He brings up a list and sorts them by price. Then he checks reviews on Tripadvisor. He makes a list of five hotels based on price and reviews. “Check these out” he text back with links to each hotel.
“I want a good view. We need good Instagram pictures.” Fernanda text him.
“We’re not going to stay in the room all day! Just pick one cause if I pick one I will always pick the wrong one.” he answered knowing that she was not going to like the response.
“I made a decision. We are staying at the 71 Nyhavn Hotel. Can you please take care of that I am doing some shopping for the right clothes for the trip” she text him with a huge smile on her face while looking at the pink jacket she is going to buy.
Having nothing better to do he reserves the rooms making sure to get something with a good view. He gets two junior suits. The process is quick and sadly there is two hours of work. Now waiting for this trip was going to make time pass even slower. He forwarded the reservations to her and sent her a text letting her know that everything was ready to go.
Days passed and both of them look forward for the adventure. The days went by slow but the excitement made them so happy for this Christmas.
“What? When did you decided this? Fer you are taking a trip on Christmas and you are letting me know last minute.” Fernanda’s mom asked with surprise. “Sorry mom but it was a one time opportunity and you know I do not like to go with all the family. Please forgive me for this Christmas. I will be here for New Years.” Fernanda says trying to sound convincing. “Well, do you need someone to drive you?” Fernanda’s mom asks. “Yes! thanks mom I knew you would understand. You are the best. I will get you something cute from there.” Fernanda kisses her mom’s cheeks a thousand of times and then leaves to keep packing. Once she is in her room she sends a text to Eliot. “Well I did it. My mom took the news pretty well. what about you?”
“Ummm. I might not have told them yet” he answers. “I don’t want to deal with that headache. I don’t think my parents will take it that good. But I have a plan” he text. He sends a picture of a folded piece of paper with the words “Gone on a trip. Be back December 26th. Merry Christmas! Love Eliot.” “What do you think?” he ask.
“I think you should tell her but if that is what you want I say go for it. Also, make sure you pack good gloves. I am so excited two more days until we leave” Fernanda answers back.
The next day it was time to pack. There was one more night before the trip. Eliot was not the best when it came to packing. He knew what to take but he wasn’t great at organizing or folding. He looked up what the weather was going to be in Copenhagen. It looked like it was going to be in the 30’s. So he packed his favorite hoodie and some more warm clothes. One set of fancy clothing just in case, plenty of socks and underwear, some pijamas, and an extra pair of shoes. He folded everything up into a ball and just threw it in his suitcase. He wrestled to get it closed but after about half an hour he managed to close it. He weighs it and it is right at the limit. Hopefully his scale isn’t different from the airport. “I am done and ready” he text Fer. “How is your packing going?” he ask.
“I have major issues. Should I take my pink or black jacket???” she asks.
“Black…Wait No pink. Ummm You should know by now that I am not good at this” he answers.
“I have a great idea I will do shopping there. No need to decide. Shopping is my sport.” she text back only packing one outfit, her makeup, and the rest of the suitcase was empty.
“It’s going to be cold. You need something when we get there. I don’t want to keep hearing that you’re cold for the first half of the trip and it will probably take you even longer to find a coat. So take the black one. Black goes with more things” Eliot responded slightly annoyed.
“I am taking one outfit. Chill out. You take everything to serious Eliot. Sometimes you need to let go of things a little. I am going to take a shower talk to you tomorrow. Update me on any changes” she type and runs to to take a shower so she could sleep.
“Wait! Do you remember what time we are leaving tomorrow? Is your mom still driving us? We better not be late. I know how you can be sometimes and I hate being in a rush” Eliot texted as the reality of this trip was finally hitting him.
“I PROMISE I WILL BE THERE AT 6:45 to pick you up. We are getting there early. DO NOT WORRY. just in case call me at 6:00am. sleep well!” she type turning the hot water on.
The next morning Eliot anxiously paced back and forth. “Where the hell are you?!?! It’s 6:50!!! YOU ARE LATE!!!” he furiously typed out the message to Fer.
“Relax I am around the corner of your house. I stopped for coffee. Just get out of your house I will be arriving in two min.” she type telling her mom to speed a little as she sipped her delicious coffee.
“I am not going to relax until my feet touch Copenhagen. You got me a coffee to right?” he asked calming down a little. Those breathing exercises really had helped him with the stress.
“Here! Move your ass!” she types to annoy Eliot as she looks at him getting his suitcase in the back of the car.
He rushed inside the car after throwing his suitcase into the back of the car. “You know you’re the one that is late and I am the one who is being told to hurry up. How does that work?” Where is my coffee?” he asked looking around for his cup.
“Well since you are so moody, I got nothing for you.” Fer says as she starts to laugh.
“Fernanda give Eliot his coffee. I do not want you guys fighting. You both are going far away and you better behave. Eliot you know she is late everywhere you better get used to it.” Fernanda’s mom says speeding up on the freeway.
Eliot takes a long gulp from his beverage and then sticks out his tongue and makes a face at Fernanda as if he was still a five year old. “You’re right. I need to learn that 6:45 for her means 7 or later.” he answers. “I think I might already be regretting this trip” he tells Fer.
“You are such a baby. Since I do not want to hear you, I am going to turn up the music.” she connects her phone to the car and plays reggaeton.
“THE EXIT” Eliot yells. Fernanda’s mom yanks on the wheel and the car goes across three lanes of traffic. Car’s hit the breaks and there wheels screech. There a chorus of car horns playing. “Jesus Christ!” Eliot excalims as he clutches his chest as if he is having a heart attack. “What? I saw the exit. Everything was fine. Fernanda is right. You are a baby Eliot. What terminal do I go to?” Fernanda’s mom calmly responds. Eliot rolls his eyes. “Terminal 5” he responds. They finally make it to the terminal and Fernanda’s mom pulls into a open space to drops them off.
“Thanks mom. You can leave us here.” Fernanda gets out of the car and walks to the back to get the suitcase. She steps and hugs her mom. “Merry Christmas mom. Tell dad I love him. I will video call you on the morning of the 25th.” Fernanda says to her mom feeling a little sad. Now that she realizes that this is the first Christmas she will not spend with her mom and dad. She takes everything and looks to Eliot. “You ready Eliot?” she asks to him.
“Of course I am. Now let’s move cause we are late and we still have to get the tickets and drop of our bags and we only have two hours.” As they walk through the doors dragging there luggage they see a ocean of people. “Oh Jesus Christ” Eliot whispers. He hurries to a ticket station and starts getting the tickets. His nerves along with his natural shakiness make it hard for him to use the touch screen. Luckily an attendant walks by and helps him finish with the tickets. “Come on Fer. Time to drop of our bags” he says.
Fernanda looks at the long line to drop the luggage. She thinks how he is wasting his time talking to that old lady. She walks towards a guy who is standing helping with questions.
“Sorry but I have kind of a problem. I am late to my flight and I need to really make it to my trip. I spend all I have in my bank for this trip. Is there any way I can drop my suitcase faster? She asks with a manipulative tone. The guy was super nice and let both of them go ahead of 50 people at least. “Eliot come here he is gonna help us.” Fernanda says following the guy.
They get to the front of the line. “Tickets and passports” the lady at the desk ask with an attitude. They give her the tickets and passports. “Put the first bag on the scale.” Eliot grabs his bag and puts it on the scale. “You’re over by one pound. Has to be under 50 and you are at 51” she says. “Oh come on. It’s just one pound. What’s the big deal? Come on lady. Please give me a pass. We are late. Don’t you have holiday spirit?” Eliot begs. “I don’t. But I don’t care much about this job either.” She grabs the bag and chucks it on the belt. “Thank you! You’re the best!” “Let’s go Fernanda you’re suitcase is next.” Eliot helps her with her suitcase. She’s actually under weight which Eliot can’t believe. They are all set to go. They make there way to the security line. “Okay Fer. Use your charm and get us to the front” he tells her.
“Hahahaha you know security and I do not go along together Eliot. Also it is a girl who is checking that but I do not recommend that. These people get mad easily.” She looks at him hoping Eliot doesn’t think to make things harder.
“Fine. I think we have enough time and the line seems to be moving fast.” They get in line and things move along fine. As they approach the line Eliot takes off his belt and shoes and empties his pockets. He goes through the metal detector and nothing beeps. He gets his things and looks back and sees Fer has fallen behind. “Fernanda!” he yells angrily.
“I am trying but this lady is checking my purse.” Fernanda was getting irritated. After 10 more minutes Fernandas gets her purse back. “Jesus that woman was getting on my nerves. she almost wanted to check the fillings of my bra.” Fernanda start to walk fast to the gate. “Move faster Eliot. People is already getting into the plane.” Fernanda says.
“This is your fault. Why can’t you be on time for once? I wasn’t built for running.” Eliot pushed his way through the crowd trying to keep up with Fer. Her size lets her weave in between people. “Wait up!” he yelled. A voice over the intercom says “Fernanda and Eliot please make your way to the gate. Your plane is ready for takeoff.” Eliot picks up the speed and almost pushes a little girl over. He can see the gate. Finally after bulldozing through the crowd he makes it to the gate. Fernanda is already there.
They both get there tickets scanned and enter to the plane. Once they find their seats and get comfortable they look to each other and start to laugh. “Well my friend we are here. We made it. Now, what about a sudoku game Eliot? We have a lot of time to kill.” Fernanda says taking out the book and two pens one pink and one blue.

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