Christmas Tree

The green giant towers in the corner of the living room
Mom brings the boxes of decorations from the attic
The kids rush to help
First the lights are wrapped around the tree
Starting from the bottom they slither around the tree all the way to the top
Next, red spheres are spread throughout he tree

The children stretch as high as they can but can’t even reach half way up the tree
Then mom brings out a box of ornaments
Each kid has there favorite they made in school
A little stuffed Santa
A yellow paper mache star
And some paper snowflakes
Each one fights for position
They have to be pulled apart before they bring the tree down

One by one all the knick-knacks are placed till there is none left
And only one thing is left
The children argue over who will have this greatest of honors
And after much discussion the youngest is chosen
From a box a golden star emerges

The youngest takes it and is lifted up high and places it gently

After much toil and trouble there is one thing left to done
The room is dark the children await and on the count of three
Let there be light and they light up the tree

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