My Dad

Where can I find you?

One day you were here

The next you were nowhere to be seen

I keep looking for you in the places you used to be

What I found are the memories of you

Every food I eat were the ones you liked

The movies you used to watch are now the ones I most enjoy

I imagine, what would you be doing right now?

I discover my imagination is not powerful enough for that

Questions come and go in my head

The answers never come

In every little thing I keep looking for you

But you are still not here

At some point I run away

My sorrow catches me pretty fast

Once again, I look for you

Now I found you in the place you always were

Yes, you are in my memories

But more than that you are in my heart

You are part of my life even as the time passes

Of course I miss what it used to be

I choose to embrace the meaning that you are

I choose to be what you once taught me to be

I am the daughter you always set free

I will take what I have and make the best of it

I will make sure I do your last command

No doubt about that she is all I have

You take care of me; I will take care of her

My answer has come and the other ones are on the way

You will still be with me no matter where I go

I will never say Adios; I will always say hasta luego

To me you are the perfect dad

Since you earned every little piece of my heart

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