Unexpected Sleepover

We all used to be friends. At least that is what I like to think. Different issues affected our relationships. Two months ago, everything was fine and now it is all chaos. The seven of us volunteered to help for this Thanksgiving dinner for our company. The first week everyone helped me with it and now I am alone putting up the decorations. I had six friends and none of them want to be in the same room. We are supposed to be mature. I have been dealing with them but today I hit my limit. They will never guess what is coming.

I arrived late to the dinner. I am cold with the dress I picked. The worst part of the night is the seat I have. I never stop to think where I was going to sit. I felt like going back to school. Remember the part where you went to the cafeteria and you had to look for your friends. Well, the issue here is everyone sat in a different table. I have other friends but I am still very annoyed. If I felt a little bit of regret for my plan it is now gone. I need to be fast so I can accomplish my goals.

I pulled out my phone and went to our group on snapchat. If someone ignores me I want to know who. “Hello, I really need everyone’s help. Come on! It’s Friday night I do not want to leave this place super late. Guys you left me alone putting everything up this morning. We need to clean after the party. (That is a lie, the cleaners will come in) it will be faster with your help.” I send the message and move to the door. They are not escaping. After everyone left I end up with my cleaning team: Alexander, Ellie, Maggie, Isabel, Andrea and Tony. “I am glad to see all of you. I mean I should have not begged for your help. We all committed to help and I ended up doing it alone.” I try to sound really mad. “That was before…” Maggie tried to say but I cut her off in the middle of her sentence. “Shhhhh. I am way too tired. Everyone, give me your belongings. I don’t want anyone losing anything tonight. Also, I know you will text or something and we all need to work fast.” To my surprise they all follow my orders with no protest. I have my bucket with everyone’s car keys, wallets, and phones. Making sure everything is ready and they have no way of communication I walked out of the place. I close the door and use my key for the dinner room. They will regret not wanting to pick up the other keys when we were called to come get them.
“Where is Ashley I want my phone back? I need music so I can clean” Isabel felt like she was talking to herself since no one bothered to answer or look at her. “You know what, this is ridicule. I am leaving; I have better things to do.” Isabel says and drops the garbage bag she had in her hands.” No, no, no, noooo.” This time she yells with all the air she has in her lungs. Everyone looks at her. “What is going on?” Tony asks concerned as to why she keeps pushing the door. The issue is that the door doesn’t move a millimeter. “The door is locked. When I say locked that means we need the key. That means Ashley left and she had all our things.” She was in shock. “Why would she do that to us?” Andrea asks. “There has to be away to get out. “ Alexander started to push the door too. “Even if we get out, how are we getting home? My car keys where in my purse and Ashley has them.” Ellie says and turns around to keep cleaning the tables. “We know you like to clean when you are stressed Ellie but there are others that would like to get out of here. “ Tony grabs the cleaning wipes out of her hand. “We need to all think about a way to get out.” Andrea says. “Looks like we agree on something.” Tony says to Andrea.

“We have been here for three hours and Ashley hasn’t come back and it’s getting cold in here. I think the temperature is going down outside.” Andrea says while she rubs her hands on her arms. “Let me look for the thermostat. I am cold too.” Isabel says standing up and walking away from the group. “I am getting hungry too. I do not want to eat the same food we had for the dinner.” Ellie says grabbing a cookie from the dinner table. “Do you think she plans on leaving us here the whole night?” Andrea asks. “I guess she is. I don’t see her coming here at this time. I mean tomorrow is Thursday I hope she is not planning on ruining my whole weekend.” Tony says. “We have a four-day weekend because of Thanksgiving. She cannot leave us in here for the holiday.”

Isabel yells coming back with a black garbage bag. “Why are you cleaning?” Alexander asks. “Well I found the thermostat and also this. Ashley left this bag with a note in it. Hear this.” Isabel sits in a chair and starts reading the note. “I leave these goodies for you. I am not that mean after all. Please be ready at eight a clock tomorrow. I will come to open the doors for you guys. Enjoy your time together.” “She is nuts. I do not want to be here and I had a date after this.” Isabel stands up from the chair and throws the note away. “Nobody cares if you had date.” Maggie says. “Yeah especially you right. I am sure you would love to be on that date.” Isabel walks towards Maggie. “I regret telling you anything I knew about him. I should have never introduced him to you.” Maggie says facing Isabel. “You knew I liked him.” Isabel yells. “Girls stop it. You guys are fighting over a man. That is the most stupid thing to do when you both are friends.” Andrea stands between them. “Look who is talking. You are the one who is unable to have a proper talk with Tony. That is the stupid thing. Everyone knew it was a bad idea that you would both dates.” Isabel walks away from them. “Also who said we are friends. I do not see us being friends.” Maggie says. “At least she left snacks and blankets.” Alexander interrupts the intense conversation showing them what is in the bag.

“What if we try to talk to each other tonight? We have to be here the whole night. The time is going to go faster and easier if we talk.” Alexander says looking at everyone around the room. “We would need to solve our issues first. Otherwise the conversation is going to be hateful comments to each other. I see that hard to happen.” Ellie says looking at Maggie and Isabel. They sat the most far away from each other. “I want know why you too got into a fight? We all know why Andrea and Tony do not talk. Also, it’s really clear why Maggie and I have a conflict. Tell us your story Alexander. Since you are the one who wants to talk lets start with you” Isabel says. She knows Alexander hates being teased with his own arguments. “We are not fighting. We just thought it is better for us to stay away for now. We applied for the same job position.” Alexander explains. “For the position we had to make a project. The best one is the one to get the job. We talked and said we should wait until after the decision. This way it will be a clean victory.” Ellie says sitting next to Alexander. “Do you guys really think we got into a fight?” Alexander asks. “You faces say everything.” Alexander says letting out a big rEllieeve. “We are supposed to know the results today. I think that is why we have been so distant. What is killing us is the fact that we should have got an email. We have no phone to check.” Ellie says. “So, what is going to happen if one of you gets the position?” Andrea asks. “We would accept the decision and move on I think.” Ellie says looking at Alexander. “I mean the best project will win. There is nothing we should be fighting for. That is enough about us. There are other problems around here.” Alexander says.
“I am bored and I am not solving my love issues with all of you here.” Andrea says grabbing the wine bottle. “There is not much to do. What if we play a game? Let’s try the one where you guess a character.” Alexander says. Everyone got a glass of wine and wrote on a piece of napkin the name of someone famous. Exchanging napkins everyone got ready for the game. “I will start. Am I a woman or man? He asks. “Woman” Alexander says.

The game kept going and going until they forgot what split them apart. The bottles of wine helped a lot. All of them were so drunk that nobody could play anymore.

“Why did you break up with me? I want the truth.” Andrea asks looking at Tony. “I don’t think we should talk about it. You are not going to like the answer. Just forget it.” Tony answered and drank more wine. “I want to know. I think that is something I deserve to know. You came one day and just told me you were done.” Andrea tries to hide her face so they couldn’t see her watery eyes. “I just wanted to be with someone else. I said yes to us but I think we were good as friends. I just really don’t think we were a good couple.” Tony says. Everyone in the room felt out of place. That was conversation they should have not heard. “So, you never felt sure about us. You dated me and you never really saw me as a girlfriend.” Andrea says. “You could have told me this since the beginning. We cannot go back to how it was but at least I can see your face and not want to kill you.” Andrea says. “Well when you both were dating we saw Tony with a girl. We all knew he was with someone else. We never told you because it was weird. I mean both of you are our friends.” Isabel says. “Wow! We were friends. From now on you can keep him as a friend! Not me!” Andrea screams and walks to the bathrooms. “I had to tell her.” Isabel says. “I think you are right. So, I will be honest with you guys. I knew that Andrea had a date. You were supposed to be dumped tonight. It was not because of Maggie. The girl he is going out with is me.” Ellie says.
The silence between them was so heavy. Nobody knew what to say to that. They all knew how many lies and omissions where between them. They really were never friends. Waiting for the morning that was all they could do.
As soon as I opened the other everyone asks for their belongings. I was hoping to see different kinds of faces. These were worse than before. “Did you guys talk last night?” I ask with a smile face. “Yes Ashley, we talk and found out way more things to not talk to each other again.” Maggie walked out as fast as she could out of that place. “Can someone explain to me what happened?” Ashley asks more confused than before. “We discovered how much we are can trust each other. We failed the test” Isabel says.

That was the way everyone left the place. Ashley was speechless with how her plan went completely wrong. She was all alone.
Two days later she decides to text the group again. This time is just a simple and kind message.

“Happy Thanksgiving!!!!” Andrea wrote. Everyone saw the text but only two respond and the other four left the group. “Happy thanks giving too.” Tony wrote “:-)(Happy emoji)” Alexander wrote.

Sometimes friendships are never there. In other cases it was just not with the right people. Friendship is something some people appreciate so much while others take it so easy and light. At the end no matter what happened let’s try to keep the good things and move on. We have to understand some are for life and others are just for a moment.

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