The Perfect Way to Meet You

for-rent1.jpgI am the most miserable person in the world. I just realized I haven’t done anything fun with my life and it’s all breaking into little pieces.  I have no apartment.   Okay, I have 5 days lefts on my lease.  Only F-I-V-E and let me tell you, I have no money for a new deposit, and the first month of rent. So, I need to come up with a plan soon. I am panicking to the point where I am having one of those moments where I am just running side to side.  I have been awake since three in the morning and my brain will not shut down. I only have 900 dollars in my account and the bills just keep coming. I have to find somewhere to move. I open my fridge and there is NOTHING to eat.  I decide I can drive to Starbucks and instead of food I can have a coffee. HELL YEAH!  Since I am broke let’s try to keep it simple: two shots of espresso over ice and a little half and a half.

I need to look for cheap places ASAP. I look on my super-fast rent app but the only thing I find is something I cannot afford.  I decide to look in person. I decide to drive to the cheapest side of Chicago. On my way, I look and I cannot believe how great this place is. It is in a bad location but it is a big space with two rooms and two bathrooms. I know this because I am looking at the place by standing in the windows and walking around it. Even thou I know it will not be cheap, I call and it’s only 700 dollars a month. That is super cheap but too expensive for this girl. I see people walking towards the apartment and I am crazy to the point I want to see it inside. Two guys look at me when I step in the doorway.  The only thing that comes out of me is “hi, I am Ursula.” Like they care, right. These two just keep staring at me. After I explain my self we all go together to look at the place.

It is a beautiful and cozy apartment.  One of the guys is discussing the price and trying to bring it down but the owner is not giving much. I started to think that he might be doing this because he cannot afford it. So, I become a person I have never been. I step near him and ask to talk to him. I tell myself to make sure and check if he is not married or this will be a huge mistake. But I am so desperate that I only tell him “what about if we rent this place together, it will be cheaper.”  He looks at me with the puzzled face and it’s completely missing pieces. He said, “how long have we dated that you want to move in with me.”  OMG! I got so mad but I still have no home and with time running out.  After I tell him my long stories of how I am broke, no home and humiliated myself. He said, “I have been dumped from where I live and I have 24 hours to move otherwise my ex-girlfriend will kick me out. So, we have a deal.”  That moment I was so happy until I fully realized that I was gonna live with a complete stranger. We have to come back tomorrow and have the paperwork done.

We walk out of the place but we look like two people who are scared of what we agreed on. I choose to try to make this easier so I tell him that we should eat together so we can get to know each other better. To be honest, he was a complete ass!  He was so worried about everything except for the fact that he was living with a girl he does not know. It’s only one year I tell myself and it will be fast. While I am packing at my old apartment I start to think that I have never lived with anyone in my life that is not my family so I am sure it will be a unique experience. The day passes and the time has come when I need to sleep in my new place.

When I get there he was eating my food. I was going to kill him but he said “I know I am eating your food but I just paid for the internet so we can enjoy the time we have to be in this place. Here is the deal, you let me eat your food and you have free Wi-Fi.” I totally agree to that. The food I keep is not even cooked by me. I buy the food from a señora that works with me. After I had to hear him complain about life, money, and love when we ate together and he could care less about me. I had this image of a selfish person. But to my surprise, he is a nice guy. The kind of guy that sends me a text message asking if everything was okay the first time I did not get home to sleep. He got me a cake for my B-day. He picks up my clothes from the laundry because I was stuck in traffic and they close soon. The kind of guy who did not call me an idiot for crashing my car in the most stupid way possible. He was quite worried actually. He helps me to relax every single time I cannot stand my own life. I have learned from him so many things so much that I work with him on any project I have. He is a master of organization since he was left with no home. I think he got some kind of trauma.

After so many nights of us talking and enjoying each other’s company I realize I am falling in love with the guy I live with. This is so weird. I try to hide from him in my room but he doesn’t even knock in my door he just goes in like it’s his own room. I guess I can only hide in the bathroom. I have been at work only 4 hours and I feel disappointed for coming.  It has been one of those days that I am so tired, frustrated, not looking the best and then I see him.  I try to fix my hair like every single time I see him. He is asking for me to the guys standing by the entrance.  He is holding food.  I cannot move any part of my body. He is standing next to me and he gives me the food. I cannot get a word out and I don’t know why I am so nervous. “I was on my way here and I thought you would like some food. I will be late home today so don’t wait for me for dinner,” he says and steps out walking in such a hurry.  After I stop looking so red I go to eat my delicious sushi. I open the bag and I take the napkins with the note in it. “Would you like to be my girlfriend? I promise I will keep paying the internet bill as long as you keep the food coming. Also, I will keep pretending I don’t know u don’t cook and u buy the food somewhere. Please text me yes /no any time.” I take my phone out and write yes, without any hesitation. He quickly answers, “See you at home after work. I am not going to be late anymore since you said yes.”

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